Easyrain to participate 2024 CES with Marelli

2024 CES Easyrain

Exciting projects and developments are in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

The journey begins in January as we return to CES in Las Vegas for the second year, now at Marelli’s booth at the Wynn hotel.

CES is the most powerful tech event in the world, the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators – this is what Easyrain is all about!

A significant opportunity that validates our achievements and the value we bring to the automotive industry!.

Stellantis recognizes Easyrain among top 2023 startups

2023 Stellantis Venture Awards

Stellantis leverages the global startup ecosystem to accelerate its drive to become a sustainable mobility tech company

2023 Stellantis Venture Awards

The Venture Awards accentuate Stellantis’ dedication to delivering customer-focused technology and features, powering the Dare Forward 2030 ambition for global clean, safe and affordable mobility.

Easyrain is grateful for the incredible opportunity to be part of this unique award!

Though we didn’t clinch victory this time, it was a valuable journey of growth and collaboration with other promising startups.

The lessons learned will fuel our determination, and we’re already gearing up for next year!