Easyrain and Marelli collaborate for the industrialization of AIS and DAI

The agreement with Marelli solidifies Easyrain’s growth path and represents a significant milestone in the 2023-2030 industrial plan

Zero road fatalitiess by 2050.

This is the ambitious goal set by the EU in 2021′ The Road to Zero’program, after decades of positive results in reducing road mortality. However, data analysis shows that the decline is slowing down, driven by critical situations such as accidents on wet roads: in cities, 19% of the victims occur under wet road conditions (source: European Commission preliminary data on road fatalities for 2022)¹. To reverse this trend, we need technologies and innovations to change the current paradigms of vehicle safety.

And that’s precisely what Easyrain has been doing for years, developing its owntechnologies, which will now be industrialized in partnership with an exceptional partner.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Marelli Marelli, a global automotive supplierthatwill work with us to industrialize our technologies: Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution, the first system for restoring vehicle traction on wet roads, including aquaplaning conditions, and Digital Aquaplaning Information, a platform of virtual sensors for detecting road conditions and calibrating ADAS.

The agreement with Marelli solidifies Easyrain’s growth path and represents a significant milestone in the 2023-2030 industrial plan. In addition to research and development of new products, this plan aims to launch AIS and DAI on the market, scheduled for late 2025 and mid-2027, respectively.

This partnership is a source of great prideas it elevates Easyrain to one of the most promising automotive startups in the global market. This is evidenced by the Most Innovative Road Safety Technology Developer 2023 award from the prestigious Success Knocks, and the growing interest from automakers, sealed by a new agreement with a third carmakerfor the creation of a Proof of Concept aimed at production.

As part of the collaboration, Marelli will focus on industrializing the AIS system’s evolution (called Proto-B), fully complying with automotive industry production standards. AIS Proto-B, to be validated in July 2024, meets carmakers’ production demands and is poised to become a groundbreaking solution for the automotive industry, similar to the impact of ABS and ESP.

Through small injectors hidden in the bumper, AIS sprays a controlled jet of water in front of the front wheels to remove excess water from theroad, thus reestablishing traction. This happens only when the powerful DAI software detects hazardous situations, optimizing water consumption and adapting the system’s response to road conditions. AIS can spray liquid on only one side of the vehicle to counter dangerous yaw rotationcaused by puddles affecting either the left or right wheels. The precision of detection and system speed have allowed the elimination of any additional tank, making use of tiny amounts of water contained in the windshield washer tank, standard equipment on all vehicle.

AIS is the first active system that changes road conditions and makes them safer. Moreover, it is the only system that operates directly on the road rather than on the vehicle, a paradigm shift from currently available technologies.

AIS raises the safety standards of all vehicles, both traditional and autonomous, by enabling the anti-lock braking system and electronic stability control to function where they otherwise wouldn’t, allowing vehicles to safely handle puddles and aquaplaning situations.

AIS is also the world’s first system capable of effectively addressing the problem of accidents on highly wet roads and aquaplaning conditions, a complex issue that has never found a radical solution and is responsible for thousands of injuries and fatalities: in Europe, there are approximately 212,000 such incidents annually.

These are alarming numbers that have driven us to go beyond: Easyrain’s R&D division is also working on an evolution of AIS capable of restoring traction not only in cases of loss of control on wet roads but also in snowy and icy conditions. This greatly enhances driving safety in low-traction conditions and solves a significant problem for both present-day and future autonomous vehicles. Thanks to the adoption of our systems, these vehicles can be not only safer but also more appealing from a market perspective.

As part of the partnership, Marelli will also produce the electronics in which DAI, one of the most advanced virtual sensor platforms globally for detecting wet road safety, will be installed. DAI, which doesn’t require an internet connection or additional sensors, enables the calibration of ADAS and assisted and autonomous driving technologies. It is poised to become the ultimate solution to the challenges of driverless cars, not only on highly wet roads but also in snow, ice, potholes, and gravel conditions.

Furthermore, DAI will become a crucial tool inreducing CO2 emissions and fuel/energy consumption. This is achieved through the feature that detects irregularities in the vehicle’s alignment: in the case of misalignments in the characteristic wheel angles (camber and toe), the vehicle can experience increased rolling resistance, leading to higher consumption and emissions. DAI recognizes these situations and notifies the vehicle.

Additionally, a safety feature is currently under development to prevent the potential loss of a wheel, a dangerous yet often underestimated phenomenon. In the event of a loosening of the wheel fastening nuts, micro-vibrational phenomena can occur, causing the nut to become loose. DAI detects these situations and alerts the vehicle.

Giovanni Blandina, founder and CEO of Easyrain:

I have several reasons to be proud of this partnership, but one stands out—the sense of optimism that has permeated our meetings during the negotiation phase. Perhaps the positiveatmosphere of the Motor Valley Fest facilitated our initial discussions with Miticocchio. However, looking to the future, I amdelighted with how Marelli’s team opened up to us, both from a technical and ethical standpoint, fully embracing our mission and our vision regarding the market potential of our products.

Our nextgoal is to develop the Proto-B version of the AIS system. I have no doubts about Marelli’s technical capabilities in making it an extraordinary product in terms of performance, as well as lightweight and cost-effective.

Today, with a prestigious partner like Marelli by our side, Easyrain can undoubtedly look further into the future and confidently take a seat at the table of automakers. This achievement demonstrates that Easyrain’s strong focus on its mission through sound ethics, which revolves around ourteam, is the right path for tackling the significant challenges faced by a startup in the automotive industry.

The agreement with Marelli is a team result, and that’s why I must thank my team for their incredible energy in facing this challenge every day.I can’t wait to see the results of this extraordinary collaboration and wish our teams the best of luck.

Francesco Miticocchio, VicePresident Strategic Planning, Technology & Innovation of Marelli:

The technology that Easyrain has developed, the AIS system, perfectly fits with one of the strategic pillar of Marelli: vehicle dynamics. We are investing to consolidate our positioning as solution provider in vehicle dynamics, where more and more functions are being developed, also cross-domain, thanks to the increasing presence of electronics in the vehicle. Safety, security, comfort, agility and energy management are new vehicle dynamics features that complement the traditional acceleration and speed. The AIS system is a key safety element that we are very happy to bring to market in partnership with Easyrain.

Besides the technology, we have found in Easyrain a partner that is very easy to work with: although they are a start-up, they have a very clear vision fully aligned with their technology development and with their business development activities. After the initial general discussions I have had with Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain CEO, we have mobilized our technical team that started the interactions with the team of Easyrain: it was very clear from the start that Easyrain had a very precise understanding of what they were able to do and what they needed from us. As it turned out, we were perfectly complementary: Easyrain had already spent a significant amount of time to conceive the AIS concept, basic configuration and algorithms, while Marelli had a long and consolidated experience in the design and industrialization optimization of many key components of the system itself.

It has taken only a few months for our teams to really integrate and start moving fast towards the Proto B.

Easyrain announce a new 5.8 million euros funding round!

Easyrain 2023 Capital Increase

Easyrain is undergoing a capital increase and preparing for collaborations with a Tier-1 company and an automotive manufacturer.

Easyrain 2023 Capital Increase

Barely we had time to tone down the enthusiasm from the successful participation in the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it’s already time to announce a new and significant milestone: Easyrain announces the subscription of a capital increase worth 5.8 million euros.

This new funding round is the third since Easyrain’s foundation, totaling 15.8 million euros, and it strengthens our position as an automotive startup in the field of safety system development among the most robust and promising worldwide.

This is evidenced by the invitation to the Future Lab at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and being listed among the 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2023 by the prestigious magazine Digital First, along with the growing interest from automakers. After signing an innovation contract with a major automotive group, a second manufacturer has started the integration of the AIS system into one of its electric vehicles. Following the innovation contract signed with a significant automotive group, we have commenced collaboration with a second manufacturer, seamlessly integrating our entire product ecosystem into one of their experimental vehicle. Simultaneously, Easyrain is actively engaged in productive discussions with other carmakers.

The new funding round was subscribed by Indaco Ventures Partners SGR and Progress Tech Transfer, which continue to support the company after the two previous capital increases, and by the new investors LIFTT and Equiter (through the RIF-T vehicle), which supported Easyrain’s mission from the very beginning – developing innovative safety systems to save lives. LCA Legal Study‘s emerging company and venture capital team managed the legal aspects of the investment round, providing assistance to Easyrain in all previous investment rounds.

The capital increase will enable Easyrain to support the 2023-2030 industrial plan, launch the DAI software on the market, and industrialize the AIS system.

Scheduled for production in late 2025, the Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI) will transition from a virtual sensor capable of monitoring safety on wet roads to a full-fledged ADAS detection and calibration platform. The DAI will enhance autonomous driving safety through a new set of functionalities currently under development, aimed at improving the effectiveness of autonomous driving in low-grip conditions.

The revolutionary Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS) will reach the “production-ready” stage by autumn 2024, with the collaboration of a leading Tier-1 company in the automotive industry, supporting Easyrain in the industrialization phase. We will soon and proudly announce this agreement as well. The production version of AIS, known as AIS Proto-B, will be more compact, lightweight, and compliant with automotive industry production standards.

AIS is the first and only active safety system that changes road conditions by eliminating the risk element before the wheels encounter it. Through small injectors concealed within the bumper, the AIS sprays a controlled jet of water – only when the DAI sensor demands it – in front of the car’s front wheels, removing excess water from the road and restoring contact between the tires and the ground. AIS is, therefore, a crucial system for all vehicles, both traditional and assisted or autonomous driving ones.

Easyrain is focused on developing new technologies, and that’s why it has already begun to envision the new AIS system, capable of restoring traction in case of loss of control on wet, snowy, or icy roads.


Statement by Giovanni Blandina, CEO and founder of Easyrain:

The capital increase represents the recognition of a successful project and journey. The synergy between technical development and financial growth establishes Easyrain as a leading startup in the road safety field. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved so far. There is still a long way to go, but the increasing activities with different carmakers indicate that we are on the right track. I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors, the funds Indaco Ventures, Progress Tech Transfer, Equiter, and LiFTT, the Bianchi Vimercati family, and my team for their extraordinary work and commitment. This significant milestone opens doors to ambitious goals, the most important of which are to expand our team and make our technologies available in the market.


Statement by Alvise Bonivento, partner at Indaco Venture Partners

We are delighted to continue supporting this project, which aims to place the crucial topic of driving safety in challenging road conditions back at the forefront of the automotive scene, with innovative solutions encompassing both software and hardware. Furthermore, having the chance to support an Italian startup that we have funded since its inception is an extra source of pride for us. We have great faith in this team’s capabilities to bring forth a project that can have a significant impact, even in terms of lives saved, and we are pleased to continue aiding them on this journey, both financially and by leveraging our experience and network in the sector.


Statement by Alberto Calvo, partner at Progress Tech Transfer:

Following this significant milestone for Easyrain fills us with great satisfaction, as it aligns with our strategy as a team that interprets venture capital, especially in the early stages, as a mission to support founders with capital, expertise, and connections. Easyrain is an exemplary case of a deeply technological startup that combines solid technical skills with commercial sensitivity. We invest not only capital but also relational resources and expertise accumulated through many years of experience in the industry and business community.


Statement by Giovanni Tesoriere, CEO at LIFTT:

Easyrain is a startup that has made automotive safety its mission, designing and implementing solutions that set new standards for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and mobility in the future. Competence and innovation are part of their DNA, as they are an expression of a territory dedicated to the automotive industry, reinterpreting the visionary component that determined its global success in the last century. It is no coincidence that the company has engaged in advanced dialogues with key players in the industry, and it is also no coincidence that it has become part of our portfolio after a careful analysis of their key parameters.


Statement by Carla Patrizia Ferrari, CEO at Equiter:

We believe in the importance of Easyrain’s industrial project, a promising reality in our territory that develops cutting-edge technological solutions for road safety. We intend to support its development in light of the solid industrial plan and the social value that the platform’s launch will have in terms of social impact. Reducing fatalities caused by aquaplaning incidents aligns with the European Union’s guidelines, which aim to achieve the goal of “zero road fatalities” by 2050.

Easyrain is gearing up for FOS’ Future Lab!

Easyrain @ Goodwood Festival of Speed's Future Lab

In just two weeks, we will be joining the automotive industry’s finest at this prestigious event.

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to showcase our latest advancements in automotive safety at Festival of Speed’s Future Lab, Goodwood’s innovation pavilion packed with dynamic, interactive technologies.

We can’t wait to demonstrate the power of our systems and share how they are shaping the future of driving.

Visit our booth at the festival to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technologies that are making waves in the industry. Our team will be there to provide insights, answer your questions, and discuss how Easyrain is driving innovation in the automotive world.

Meet us at the Mobility on a Mission area!

Major step heading to industrialization!

Easyrain Proto-B anti-aquaplaning system

Mark your calendars! Easyrain is gearing up for Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Future Lab!

Easyrain is committed to transforming road safety and revolutionizing the way we drive on low grip surfaces.

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to showcase our latest advancements in automotive safety in one of the automotive industry’s finest event: Festival of Speed’s Future Lab, Goodwood’s innovation pavilion packed with dynamic, interactive technology.

We can’t wait to demonstrate the power of our systems and share how they are shaping the future of driving.

Visit our booth at the festival to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technologies that are making waves in the industry. Our team will be there to provide insights, answer your questions, and discuss how Easyrain is driving innovation in the automotive world.

Easyrain marks 10 years!

easyrain 10 years

Our effort to enhance road safety achieves a key milestone

We’re celebrating a decade of history and all of the people who have worked so hard to make this possible.

Entering our second decade, Easyrain is well positioned to become a new player in the field of Road Safety for human-driven and autonomous vehicles, with an offering of hardware, software, and cloud products for hazardous wet road conditions and other grip related issues.

We have wrapped up 10 years of innovation, development, and success in a video, but the best is yet to come!

Easyrain products on the way to industrialization

An important result for us as we exhibit our technologies in Italdesign Climb-E autonomous vehicle

We save lives!

Not just a slogan, but a mission that is now closer. After the positive test campaign and the Easyrain Experience in November, where carmakers got behind the wheel of proof-of-concept vehicles, the time has come for Easyrain to move on to the industrialization stage: the AIS anti-aquaplaning system and DAI detection software are on the way to reach the market. 

An important milestone for the Italian startup dedicated to road safety on low-grip conditions, offering OEMs hardware, software and cloud solutions – operating standalone or combined – to improve vehicle safety on wet road, and to eventually restore grip in the event of aquaplaning. 

Along with technologies meant for wet and aquaplaning conditions, Easyrain is developing new algorithms to detect loss of tire contact on snow, ice and slippery road surfaces, making driving safer when grip is limited. Together with these new algorithms, the Turin-based startup has begun testing a software to detect wrong symmetry in the car set-up: an essential feature for improving vehicle safety, reducing CO2 and avoiding unusual tire wear. This software activate new safety functions and will lead to a new generation of ADAS systems, capable of modulating the level of driving assistance according to the road surface. 

In addition to the software, Easyrain is also working on the evolution of AIS hardware system, which is expected to debut on the market in mid-2026. The first active system to counter aquaplaning is heading towards industrialization and new components are being studied to reduce weight, size, and cost. Such components have been conceived along with Tier-1s: Easyrain is collaborating with them for the development stage and for all the steps of production process. At the same time, preliminary studies have begun on a brand-new hardware product (known internally as Project-X) designed to bring road safety on low-grip surfaces on a next level. The goal is to restore grip not just on very wet surfaces, but also in the event of loss of control on ice and snow. Easyrain aims to develop essential safety systems to help achieve the European goal of zero deaths on the road by 2050. 

These innovations, which are requiring further growth of the team, made 2022 a year to remember. Easyrain collected positive feedback from car makers, culminating in the Easyrain Experience in November in Applus+ IDIADA Spanish proving ground: test drives with OEMs showcased the systems effectiveness on various types of cars, including sedan, station wagon and SUV. The participants provided enthusiastic responses: the AIS test was compared to the introduction of stability and braking control systems. 

Together with the OEMs, Easyrain has held several technical discussions aimed at integrating its products into vehicles. Easyrain offers many levels of products integration: from detection algorithms to activate new functions or improve assisted driving functions, up to the complete package including DAI, AIS and ERC, to make the most of the enormous potential of software, hardware and cloud. 

The Easyrain Cloud (ERC) is also being developed. ERC stores data from the DAI and algorithms; this information allows the refinement of the algorithms and predictive warning services in the event of wet asphalt, aquaplaning, icy surfaces, potholes, and wear of car components. Furthermore, ERC will also be used to update in real time a new database dedicated to road safety, where private companies, agencies and public bodies will find information on dangers on the road network.

Easyrain technologies are ready for today’s cars, but they are already on-board tomorrow’s vehicles. AIS, DAI and ERC are integrated on Italdesign Climb-E, an autonomous vehicle that previews future mobility, being presented at 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The safety of tomorrow passes through the solutions Easyrain is developing today. 


“Participating in the CES is an important moment for Easyrain. We are thrilled to see our technologies integrated in a vehicle embodying the future such as the Italdesign Climb-E. This drives us to continue along the path we have approached: we were alone at the beginning, but today we feel the enthusiasm of the carmakers who have tested our technologies and are asking us to bring them into production. Easyrain had an exciting 2022 marked by the success of the new version of AIS and DAI. Let’s head into 2023 with concentration: we have a duty and a great responsibility we are carrying out thanks to an extraordinary team, solid partners, and investment funds ready to support us. In particular, I would like to thank Italdesign and their CEO, Antonio Casu, for the long partnership and believing in our mission”. 


“Safety, both on the track and on the roads, has always been close to my heart. Accidents mainly happen due to inattention or “ignorance”, which means not knowing the risk you are running, underestimating your speed for a specific road condition, and then reacting inappropriately causing a vehicle loss of control. Every single road accident is avoidable, often with a few precautions. As soon as I learned about Easyrain, I immediately thought of its enormous potential in preventing and/or eliminating loss of vehicle control and consequently accidents in particularly dangerous road conditions. I am very involved in its development, and I am convinced that in the future we will talk about it in the same way today we mention anti-locking braking and stability systems. The more autonomous driving technologies gets popular, the more Easyrain systems will become an indispensable tool for safe driving.” 

Products overview


Easyrain has developed and patented the Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI for short) detection software, capable of estimating the tires loss of contact with the road surface, not only in the event of aquaplaning but also in other critical situations, such as puddles involving one side of the car – particularly dangerous as they might cause a strong yaw or provoke an inappropriate reaction by the driver. 

The DAI provides several warning levels, which can be associated with new safety features. One of these is the integration – successfully tested in the Easyrain Experience – of the software with the adaptive cruise control (ACC), thus able to modulate the vehicle speed on wet surfaces not only in connection with the distance from the car in front, but with the level of water on the asphalt. 

The DAI software does not require an Internet connection and it calculates the output according to the tires type, brand, level of wear and pressure. It is very simple to install, does not require specific calibrations and offers maximum accuracy; DAI data transmission speed depends by the CAN network’s. The DAI software can be installed as standard, downloaded from carmaker’s store or developed with features coming from partner companies. 


When the DAI software detects dangerous situations, it triggers the Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS for short), the first safety system in the world that does not act on the car but modifies the asphalt conditions before the wheel travels over it

Using small injectors hidden inside the bumper, AIS sprays a small amount of water in front of the front wheels to eliminate the excess of water on the road, allowing the tires to recover contact with the road and restore the functioning of the anti-locking braking and stability systems, which otherwise would not spring into action due to the wheel floating. 

Through a patented system, the water used by the AIS comes from the windshield washer fluid tank: this allows not to alter the car’s construction process, but also to not add new components. AIS activation is extremely rapid, and injection is meant to optimize water consumption. 


Easyrain ecosystem is completed by the Easyrain Cloud (ERC for short), designed to extend DAI functionalities and to make the most of data sharing: the information collected by the DAI can be used internally, to refine the detection algorithm, or shared with various players to allow services such as predictive maintenance of road network, replacement of worn car components and the creation of databases for road safety. The information collected by the DAI and shared by ERC will be used to inform traditional and self-driving vehicles of a possible danger before they approach it, for adapting driving speed or pre-alerting safety systems based on the level of grip. 

First tests on AIS with two injectors

Easyrain 2023 AIS anti-aquaplaning system

November 2022 test has provided outstanding results on AIS performance and robusteness

Easyrain 2023 AIS anti-aquaplaning system

During recent testing sessions, we investigated on improved AIS anti-aquaplaning system with nozzle fully covered in the front bumper and two water sprays per side produced by fixed injectors.

Injectors are one the key parts of the AIS system as they spray water under pressure, coming from the accumulators, onto the road in the most efficient way.

The results? Above expectation! AIS is mighty, robust and production oriented no matter on the vehicle – in the picture you see our Audi A6, but AIS has did it well also on an SUV.

AIS is one step closer to industrialization!


Easyrain at Motor Valley Accelerator EXPO

Easyrain @ Motor Valley Fest

In the very center of Motor Valley to share our background on startups and road safety

Easyrain @ Motor Valley Fest

Founded with the aim of helping the growth of young companies specialized in high-potential markets, the Motor Valley Accelerator program focuses on technological innovation and constant research within the automotive world. This is the first Italian vertical accelerator within the automotive industry, born in the very center of the

Founded with the aim of Motor Valley from a joint initiative of the national network of CDP Venture Capital Sgr – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, UniCredit, and the Modena Foundation to create relationships between companies and startups in the sector mobility.

Easyrain has been invited to share its background on being a successful startup in the field of automotive industry.

Introducing DAI virtual sensor

Easyrain DAI


A further step towards improving the automotive safety proposal: the new virtual sensor DAI allows the development of new safety functionalities based on deeply analyzed vehicle dynamics parameters. The DAI is ready for future applications with the ability to share data through a fully connected 5G network. Easyrain accelerates towards the market entry of its active safety systems. 

Rivoli, 02-08-2021. 

Easyrain’s proposal is enriched by an innovative safety solution with high technological content. From today the DAI, acronym of Digital Aquaplaning Information, is reality. 

Developed and patented by Easyrain, this virtual sensor is constantly analyzing the vehicle dynamics resulting from the existing road conditions and is immediately alerting the driver with different levels of warnings.  

On vehicles that have additionally installed Easyrain AIS system the DAI virtual sensor acts as an ultrafast trigger in case of aquaplaning.  

The virtual sensor DAI works through proprietary predictive algorithms that process vehicle dynamics data already available in the vehicle network without the need of any additional physical sensors.  

As a software defined module it can be integrated on all vehicles, by using an existing control unit leveraging on the platform concept. 

“We are proud to announce the first virtual sensor capable of warning the driver in wet asphalt conditions. Thanks to the DAI we are able to ensure greater safety for the driver and passengers and we are adding new predictive features to the vehicle, unique on the market. An example for that: an “Adaptive – Wet – Cruise Control”, the vehicle speed is managed in real time with the virtual sensor output of the DAI which is able to analyze the amount of water present on the road surface. In addition the DAI is a predictive virtual sensor: one of the functions – among others – is the instantaneous and automatic activation of the Easyrain AIS, the first active safety system able to counter with total effectiveness the aquaplaning phenomenon.   

The DAI can be integrated on all vehicles. Through interaction with the 5G network and the Smart Cities, the DAI could provide detailed information to warn vehicles about dangerous wet road conditions. The creation of a dedicated Cloud for wet road conditions would even extend this offering.  

We are constantly focusing on building a safer future! I would like to thank my team for the dedication during the development. This milestone represents a big step towards market entry”, declared Giovanni Blandina, CEO and Founder of Easyrain.  


DAI: technical details 

The DAI, developed and patented by Easyrain, is a virtual sensor able to make driving safe, discriminating the different levels of danger of wet asphalt and informing the driver through a system of three alerts within the vehicle HMI, customizable according to the needs of car makers. 

The virtual sensor DAI is characterized by proprietary predictive algorithms that process the vehicle dynamics information available in the car (longitudinal force, lateral force, tire slip). As a result, corrections can be either suggested to the driver or implemented directly into the vehicle setup to improve safety of driving in wet conditions. 

As a pure Software Component without the need of additional sensors, it can be integrated into all types of vehicles. 

The DAI allows the development of new vehicle functions, such as Wet Mode Information, deactivation of assisted driving and Wet Adaptive Cruise Control. 

In autonomous vehicles it adds an additional level of information of the environment in critical wet conditions not yet covered with the current sensor portfolio. 

The prevention of aquaplaning together with Easyrain AIS enables a new generation of tires with a lower Rolling Resistance reducing the CO2 footprint and extending the range of electric vehicles. 

It can be integrated with the 5G network and Smart Cities technology, ensuring the warning and sharing of safety information between nearby interconnected vehicles, as well as a dialogue with the infrastructure and prediction of the long-term deterioration of the road surface. 

Integration with the 5G network allows the data collection into the “Easyrain Cloud”, designed and developed for sharing and exchanging information about the asphalt and driving conditions both between vehicles and with the infrastructure network. 

The DAI application is designed as a component that can be managed through an OEM App-Store for connected vehicles. This enables additional safety as an upgrade and makes the introduction hassle-free. 

The three alerts system in the cluster 

The virtual sensor DAI alerts the driver with a three-level system of alerts visible directly inside the dashboard or digital cluster. The display of the warning system can be modulated and customized according to the needs of OEMs. 

  • First level: “Warning! Wet Road”.The driver is in a potentially dangerous situation on wet asphalt. The utmost attention must be paid. 
  • Second level: “Danger! Wet Road”.The water layer on the road surface is important. When combined with the sustained speed of the car, it determines the onset of aquaplaning. The driver is about to lose control of the vehicle. Pay close attention and slow down. 
  • Third level: “Alert! Aquaplaning”.The vehicle entered aquaplaning. Tires have lost grip, unable to dissipate the excessive layer of water on the asphalt. The DAI immediately activates the AIS system.  

“Warning! Wet Road”

proactive warning. You are not in aquaplaning but you are in a situation of potential danger. Pay attention.

“Danger! Wet Road”

important water layer and sustained speed determine the occurrence of aquaplaning. You risk losing controlmaximum attention and slows down!

“Alert! Aquaplaning

your vehicle has entered aquaplaningTires lose the grip. The AIS will be activated to restore adherence and ensure maximum safety and control of the vehicle.

AIS on a production series car!




A historic achievement for Easyrain and for the improvement of Automotive safety. The new prototype of the AIS developed for a series vehicle, and mounted on an Audi A6, works. The new tests in the Pirelli proving ground demonstrate the validity of the new latest version of the first system against aquaplaning.


Rivoli, 10/02/2021

The AIS works. Thanks to the commitment and research of Easyrain i.S.p.A. – in collaboration with Italdesign and Boschaquaplaning can be solved.

“I’m very proud. The new tests are a historic result: the AIS is ready and mounted on a production vehicle”, said Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain Founder & CEO.

“I thank the work teams, starting from my guys. A fundamental and obligatory milestone for continuing to industrialize the system. A step forward for improving safety in the automotive world. Our system solves a dangerous issue and so far without solutions. Saving lives is our vision, the reason we exist. Knowing that it is possible to do so is a source a deep responsibility but also of great pride, inspiration and joy”, added Giovanni Blandina.

“We are glad of the collaboration with Easyrain and Bosch on this amazing project. It shows once more the power of networking: our respective teams, in Italy and Germany, together have achieved amazing results. The highly innovative contents of this project aim to further improve the safety of our cars for the future” Antonio Casu, Italdesign CTO, said.

“Cooperation was essential to achieve the project’s goal. The Bosch subsidiaries VHIT and Bosch Engineering, in collaboration with Tecnologie Diesel and Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli, are supporting the project development, from the concept phase to the test drive. A very good example of cooperation and collaboration and, in this critical period, was not so easy” added Alessandro Fauda, Engineering Development Manager at Bosch VHIT.

After years of research and hard work, in partnership with Bosch and Italdesign, Easyrain has developed and patented the first system capable of effectively countering aquaplaning. A dangerous phenomenon, the cause of tens of thousands of accidents with thousands of injuries and victims. Every year, all over the world.

A problem that the modern safety systems available on vehicles (ABS, ESP, TCS) are unable to solve.

The Easyrain AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), thanks to a controlled water jet injected ahead of the front wheels, is able to restore the grip of the tire and the control of the vehicle, breaking the excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires cannot dissipate.

The AIS, characterized by a hydraulic system consisting of a pump and two foldable injectors, is activated thanks to the Easyrain DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), the proprietary activation software. The virtual sensor recognizes the onset of aquaplaning, instantly informing the system.

The AIS does not require additional sensors or tanks besides those already available on the vehicle.

AIS avoids accidents, saving lives.