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Milestones, Partners & Investors

We are Easyrain.

Continuous innovation runs in our blood.

In 2013, when Easyrain was founded by Giovanni Blandina, we started out the development of the first active safety system preventing accidents occurring in aquaplaning conditions.
Over the years, with our technical expertise and the support of senior executives in the automotive environment,
we have become a leader in the research and development of innovative safety systems for hazardous wet road conditions and other grip related issues.

With our competence and ingenuity, we develop, simulate, and test solutions launching our ideas into production.

Our Achievements

Expand DAI capabilities
- CES participation with Marelli and WiPro
- DAI: fleet management, road management and vehicle management (iTPMS and vehicle setup) features
- Proto-B validation on track
- Lighter AIS one shot system with no pump needed
- Leveraging on AI to boost DAI
- New fundraising round
- New office
- Further team growth
- More and more to come
Heading to industrialization
- CES participation
- New Proto-B development with Tier-1
- AIS next gen. pre study with university
- Goodwood Festival of Speed participation
- New 5.8 M € fundraising round
- More and more to come
Testing on AIS Proto-A2
- AIS Proto A2 designed and tested in Audi A6.
- AIS Proto-A2 tests with several OEMs
- Emanuele Pirro joins as Business Developer
- Innovation RFQ with OEM
- Introduction of Easyrain Cloud for data analysis and new offboard functionalities
Launch of DAI
- AIS Proto-A validation on track
- AIS Proto-A2 feasibility study
- Launch of DAI virtual sensor
- Systems validation with DEKRA Germany
- 5 MLN EUR funding by Indaco Venture Partners and Progress Tech Transfer
- H.G. Schuering joins Easyrain as new Chairman
- CLEPA Award: first prize for safety by European Association of Automotive Suppliers
AIS Proto-A1 roll out
- AIS Proto-A1 Concept and vehicle integration together with Bosch-VHIT and Italdesign
- AIS Proto A1 tested in Audi A6. 55 Kg weight
- DAI confirmed after successful DEKRA validation
- Eugenio Razelli joins Easyrain as new board member
2018 to 2019
Bosch-VHIT and IDG collaboration
- Important partnership with major companies
- R&D Center opened in Rivoli, Turin
- 5 MLN EUR funding by Indaco Venture Partners
2018 to 2019
2013 to 2018
Proof of Concept vehicle
- First proof of concept featuring AIS anti-aquaplaning active system
- Validation Alfa Romeo 159 on Pirelli track
2013 to 2018
The beginning
- Company foundation
- Research activity at Milan University
What’s next? Easyrain is on its way to industrialization and hit the market 

Our Partners

Our Investors