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Products Ecosystem

Three fully Modular Solutions

Easyrain is the first startup in the world developing a complete, modular automotive-oriented ecosystem able to change road conditions immediately.

Based on hardware, software, and cloud for human-driven and autonomous vehicles.

It consists of:
an hardware platform: the AIS – the First active safety system able to restore grip in hazardous wet road conditions using a water jet a software platform: the DAI – a software based virtual sensor enabling a wide range of new safety functionalities in vehicle
a data platform: the ERC – a Cloud service to expand and enhance the potential of AIS and DAI

AIS, virtual sensors and ERC can operate as standalone or combined products

Products Ecosystem


Completely modular for easy integration

Ultra rapid response: less than 80 ms in emergency conditions.


Host virtual sensors to recognize dangerous road conditions.

Triggers AIS and enables new vehicle safety features.


Off-board calculation capabilities for analytics and statistics

Connectivity to additional information like V2V and V2X