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Cloud to streamline road maintenance operations and optimize fleet management

Leveraging the comprehensive data from the Digital Advanced Information (DAI) platform and the cutting-edge capabilities of the Easyrain Cloud (ERC), we have the unique ability to craft highly sophisticated and tailor-made solutions.

This synergy enables us to not only streamline the intricate processes involved in road maintenance operations but also to revolutionize fleet management strategies for rental companies. 

Our innovative approach is not only focused on operational efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in fostering a transportation ecosystem that is both environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced

Through this integration, we are not just addressing challenges; we are paving the way for a future where efficiency meets sustainability in the realm of transportation.

Main Features and Benefits

ERC boosts safety functionalities beyond vehicle level evaluations: integration of multi-vehicle input with external data such as weather or road conditions.

Road Maintenance

Allowing real time road maintenance services.

Fleet Management

Monitoring to improve overall fleet efficiency and reduce cost.

Route Optimization

Provide road status warnings before and during travel.

Cloud platform for off-board analysis
on Road Safety

ERC enhances vehicle safety features, uses vehicle data to maximize vehicle management functionalities, and notifies driver of possible dangers before and on trip and where, to ensure a safe trip.

ERC offers pre-drive warning, danger notifications, and routing functionalities: when several cars drive on the same stretch of motorway in the same direction, the DAI software sends an alert on a low-grip situation ahead, and all others get notified on hazards due to bad weather. If climate events are causing too many activations ahead, the route is altered.


Early Warning and Navigation:

receive warning before and during travel of potential climate dangers ahead, signaled by other DAI detections or recuring events.


Real Time Vehicle Conditions Monitoring:

report issues related to vehicle dynamics and low grip situations (flat tire, vehicle overloaded, etc), real time location, and road condition incident report (accident due to speeding on dangerous wet and low grip road).


Road Maintenance:

help assign road maintenance based on climate issues faced, and consistent issues revealed by our sensors. Allowing efficient and fast response time