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Platform for off-board analysis of road conditions

Easyrain Cloud (ERC) is a cloud service to expand and enhance the performance of AIS and EDP platforms, providing extended analysis and services: ERC validates our systems and improves vehicle dynamics.

Moreover, Easyrain virtual sensors provide data on dangerous driving conditions (heavy rain, snow etc.), 
which can be shared with OEMs and other customers.

Main Features and Benefits

ERC boosts safety functionalities beyond vehicle level evaluations:
integration of multi-vehicle input with external data such as weather or road conditions.


ERC enhances vehicle safety systems providing consolidated off-board feedback. This includes extended weather data inputs and processing intensive off-vehicle calculations.


Data from the virtual sensors provide information through ERC towards smart infrastructure for additional warnings and alerts with smart signs.


ERC boosts online navigation services (Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.) in terms of data on road safety, road maintenance and traffic alerts.

Cloud platform for systems enhancement

ERC boosts safety functionalities to enhance vehicle safety features, predictively activate our systems depending on road conditions, and uses vehicle data to maximize vehicle management functionalities.

Shaped to engage with drivers, OEMs, and infrastructure managers


  • Driving assistance: driving style analysis is performed over time and driving tips are provided. 
  • Pre-driving warning: drivers are warned of their potential risk before starting a trip.


  • Tire management: wear rate estimation according to the specific vehicle tire. Tire design and choice recommendations can be made accordingly.  
  • Car design support: vehicle dynamics information can be shared to customize the car settings for specific needs and driving habits. 
  • Service planning: determine conditions on which maintenance alerts and/or vehicle inspection needs to be displayed. 


  • Road maintenance: through data collection ERC can forecast the degradation of the road over time, suggesting priority and scheduling of maintenance works.