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Our mission: Save Lives

Our mission: Save Lives

The Challenge

Fatalities caused by wet-road conditions represent a major percentage of road deaths.

United States


Source: US Department of Transportation



Source: UN Economic Commission for Europe



Source: Automobile Club d’Italia

Our core Value: Road Safety

We improve road safety in low grip conditions!

With our profound technical expertise, and the support of senior executives in the automotive environment, we carry out our mission: developing a new generation of innovative and patented safety solutions to make all vehicles more secure. 

Reinventing safety for cars

Vehicle safety systems are designed to protect passengers and, so far, operate solely from within the vehicle.

This sets our system apart: we manipulate the external road conditions!

The first active safety system for conventional and autonomous vehicles sprays a jet of water ahead of the front tires to break the aquaplaning condition, or enhances vehicle maneuverability in low grip conditions.

Adherence is immediately restored, and the vehicle is back under control!

Products Ecosystem


Host virtual sensors to recognize dangerous road conditions.

Triggers AIS and enables new vehicle safety features.


The first active system to counter aquaplaning and restore grip.

Highly modular for easy integration in vehicles.


Cloud-based repository providing data to clients.

Off-board calculation capabilities for further analytics and statistics.

Our system is pivotal to achieve the EU Goal for 2050: Zero road fatalities

Despite the 50% decrease of EU-wide road fatalities since 2000, aquaplaning and wet roads remain one of the most dangerous conditions, with around 2400 yearly deaths.

Without our concrete solution to restore grip, the EU goal for 2050 remains unattainable.