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Our mission: Save Lives

Our mission: Save Lives

One of the main causes of car accidents

Fatalities caused by wet-road conditions represent a major percentage of road deaths and injuries.

United States

Injured and deaths/year


Injured and deaths/year


Injured and deaths/year
On a global scale, an average of 8-10% of total road accidents victims occur on wet road each year: there are an estimated 105.000 victims that we want to save.

Our core Value: Road Safety

We are an Italian auto-tech company focusing on Road Safety for human-driven and autonomous vehicles, with an expertize for hazardous wet road conditions and other grip related issues.

We have developed the first active safety system able to
restore grip immediately in dangerous wet road and aquaplaning situations using a water jet.
Introducing the Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), elevating lateral grip on aquaplaning by an impressive 225%.
At 80 km/h, lateral acceleration increases from 2 to 4.5 m/s², ensuring safe driving in challenging conditions like aquaplaning on a curve. 
AIS activates swiftly (<100ms), reducing braking distances by approximately 20% at highway speeds in aquaplaning scenarios.
AIS operates through software-based virtual sensors integrated into the Digital Advanced Information (DAI) platform — an ASIL-B ready solution crucial for calibrating ADAS and autonomous driving systems in low-grip environments.
DAI also introduces innovative features for optimizing fuel/energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

To unlock DAI’s full potential, Easyrain offers the Easyrain Cloud (ERC) platform. 

Tailored for road maintenance efficiency, fleet management optimization, and contributing to a sustainable transportation ecosystem, ERC utilizes DAI data for streamlined operations and enhanced safety.


-20% in braking distance and +225% in lateral grip.

Modular package for easy integration also in autonomous vehicles


ASIL-B software platform to detect different levels of danger on low grip

Allows for ADAS calibration and improved vehicle efficiency


Cloud platform for securely collecting and vaulting DAI outputs

Boost fleet management and road maintenance services

Our systems are pivotal to achieve the EU Goal for 2050: Zero road fatalities

Despite the 50% decrease of EU-wide road fatalities since 2000, aquaplaning and wet roads remain  one of the most dangerous conditions, with around 212.000 yearly deaths and injuries..

Without our concrete solution to restore grip, the EU goal for 2050 remains unattainable.