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Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution

Anti-Aquaplaning System

We have developed the first active safety system able to
restore grip in hazardous wet road conditions.
Through high pressure water, stored in the accumulators places ahead of the front tires, AIS sprays water jets to
break the water layer restoring the tire contact to the road.

Main Features and Benefits


Immediate activation without driver intervention.
High speed reaction time: less than 80 ms in emergency conditions.


AIS support shorter breaking distances during aquaplaning:
we recorded a 20% reduction at motorway speed

Special Features

AIS Proto-A2
AIS can be integrated on vehicles independent of wheel drive, size, and human/autonomous driving.
AIS is fully modular and can be optimized for space available, performance and/or product cost.
The system can provide synergies for ADAS sensor cleaning functions.

AIS integrated in a production series vehicle

AIS can be integrated on vehicles independent of vehicle traction, size, and human/autonomous driving

The components of the complete AIS system

High pressure pump:

Designed to deliver water pressure up to 140bar.

Proprietary design owned by Easyrain.

Pressure accumulators:

Used to store water under pressure.

Possible customizations (size, material, numbers, etc.).

Injection system:

Designed to spray water at high pressure from the accumulators.

Internal electric valves for fast activation response.

Proprietary design owned by Easyrain.

Windshield washer water tank (vehicle standard equipment):

Used instead of adding an additional water tank, to save weight..


Preventing the generation of foam (when washer fluid is used instead of water).

ADAS Sensors Cleaning valve (opt.)::

Valve used to provide pressurized water for sensor cleaning (legal requirements for ADAS systems).

Modular and customizable system

Modular and customizable depending on the OEMs’ targets


Hidden behind the vehicle’s front bumper, injectors have nozzles to spray the water onto the road in the most efficient way.


The water is stored under pressure into the accumulators ready to be sprayed. OEMs can decide size, material and quantity according to their needs


The pump refills the accumulators after every activation, with water coming from the series installation windshield water tank

AIS weight and performance as design criteria

Modularity is a key feature in the AIS design to allow OEMs to easily customize for their vehicle lines and performance needs

Examples of configurations

Reference layout

Two accumulators layout for best performance setup dedicated to vehicles with small room into the engine bay

One accumulator layout

One accumulator layout for cost optimization depending on vehicle platform architecture and space availability in the engine bay.