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Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution

World first anti-aquaplaning system
for human-operated and autonomous vehicles

AIS ensures superior safety on aquaplaning with a measured 225% increase in lateral grip, enhancing the car’s grip to near the maximum limit – it boosts lateral acceleration from 2.0 m/s² to 4.5 m/s² at 80 km/h.
AIS also contributes to a significant 20% reduction in braking distance at motorway speeds on aquaplaning – braking at 120 km/h on 7 mm of water, the stopping distance has decreased from 84 to 68 meters.
These features establish the AIS is the first active system that
 changes road conditions and makes them safer!

Moreover, it is the only system that operates directly on the road rather than on the vehicle, representing a paradigm shift from currently available technologies.

Through high pressure water, stored in the accumulators placed ahead of the front tires,
AIS sprays water jets to break the water layer – AIS remove excess water from the road, thereby restoring traction.

Main Features and Benefits


Increase every vehicles lateral grip on aquaplaning by an impressive 225%.

AIS support shorter braking distances during aquaplaning: 20% reduction at motorway speed.


Unique system allowing present and future vehicles to pass safety tests on wet.

High speed reaction time: around 100 ms in emergency conditions.

Modular system for all vehicles

AIS can be integrated on vehicles independent of vehicle traction, size, and human/autonomous driving

The components of the complete AIS system

High pressure pump:

Designed to deliver water pressure up to 140bar.

Pressure accumulators:

Possible customizations (size, material, numbers, etc.).

Injection system:

Boosts every vehicle’s lateral grip on aquaplaning.

Windshield washer water tank (standard equipment):

Used instead of adding an additional water tank, to save weight..


Standard vehicle’s control unit to integrate ASIL-B ready DAI software.

AIS weight and performance as design criteria

Modularity is a key feature in the AIS design to allow OEMs to easily customize for their vehicle lines and performance needs

Reference layout

Two accumulators layout for best performance setup dedicated to vehicles with small room into the engine bay

One shot layout

System with no pump created for the utmost reduction in weight and cost.