Major step heading to industrialization!

Easyrain Proto-B anti-aquaplaning system

AIS Proto-B to hit the market in mid-2026 boasting new components to reduce weight, size, and cost

After conducting rigorous testing and receiving positive feedback from OEMs, Easyrain is taking a major step towards industrialization!

We’re entering this stage with our next-generation AIS anti-aquaplaning system, AIS Proto-B, hitting the market in mid-2026 thanks to the hard work of our team and key partners.
AIS Proto-B boasts new components that have been carefully designed to reduce weight, size, and cost, while ensuring full compliance with automotive standards. We’re confident that this system will set a new standard for anti-aquaplaning technology.
To get a sneak peek of AIS Proto-B in action, check out this video featuring Emanuele Pirro, Easyrain’s Product and Business Developer. We can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of AIS Proto-B firsthand!

Easyrain marks 10 years!

easyrain 10 years

Our effort to enhance road safety achieves a key milestone

We’re celebrating a decade of history and all of the people who have worked so hard to make this possible.

Entering our second decade, Easyrain is well positioned to become a new player in the field of Road Safety for human-driven and autonomous vehicles, with an offering of hardware, software, and cloud products for hazardous wet road conditions and other grip related issues.

We have wrapped up 10 years of innovation, development, and success in a video, but the best is yet to come!