Easyrain: AIS Proto.A2 project kick off


EasyRainBosch Italia and Italdesign have taken AIS anti aquaplaning system to the next level: the development of AIS Proto.A2, the second generation of the system, has kicked off.
AIS ProtoA2 is set to be lighter, more efficient, and easier to customize for vehicle lines of our customers!
The agreement is a major achievement for Easyrain, and we want to celebrate this milestone with a video involving the leading actors: HG Schuering, Chairman of Easyrain; Giovanni Blandina, CEO of Easyrain; Alessandro Fauda, R&D manager of Bosch VHIT, and Antonio Casu, CEO of Italdesign.
Watch the video to find out more about the second generation AIS … fully redesigned with increased performance and full modularity!

Easyrain – New virtual sensor for ICE and SNOW


Easyrain takes a step forward in road safety! After several test sessions performed with DAI anti-aquaplaning sensor, leading to the recent roll-out of 3.6 software release, the Rivoli-based company has started the development of a brand new virtual sensor able to make driving safer on ice and snow – it’s called DSIDigital Snow Information, and it’s going to be part of EDPEasyrain Digital Platform‘s array of virtual sensors meant for various road surfaces.

DSI development has officially started. Don’t miss out Easyrain website to find out more!

Easyrain announce a new 5 million Euros capital increase


Rivoli (Turin), 09/12/2021 – After a period of intense growth, Easyrain lays the basis for the future: a new 5 million Euros capital increase was signed to back the further development of AIS system and the next generation of virtual sensors as DAI, able to increase safe driving as it recognizes and discriminates the presence of various levels of water on the road. Next year Easyrain will carry on the development of second generation AIS system that will be placed in a number of proof-of-concept vehicles, with the cooperation of technical partners Bosch, Italdesign and car makers that have already expressed interest in the Company’s products.  

The capital increase was signed by Indaco Venture Partners SGR, Easyrain’s longtime financial backer, and Progress Tech Transfer, that has been supporting the Company in this important stage.   

Since the growth of the company has been accelerating, Easyrain is now strengthening the Company’s structure and is delighted to announce the appointment of Heinrich Gerhard Schuering as new President. Heinrich Gerhard Schuering, longtime manager with a deep knowledge of automotive business, having held key roles as CEO of the Electronics Business Unit in Magneti Marelli, is becoming Company’s chairman and takes charge immediately. 

Along with CEO and founder Giovanni Blandina, Mr. Schuering will oversee the technical development of Easyrain and help the Company to step forward towards the industrialization and market launch phases of the patented AIS, DAI safety systems. 

Giovanni Blandina, CEO of Easyrain, has commented: 

The capital increase is the acknowledgment of a project and a winning path. The synergy between technical development and financial growth represents the consecration of Easyrain: from innovative SME to established company in the field of safety. I am very proud of what we have done so far. There is still a long way to go but we’re on the right track. I want to thank the members of the Board of Directors; the Indaco Venture Fund I, our historic partner; the Progress Tech Transfer fund; the President Schuering and my team for their excellent work and commitment. The appointment of Heinrich is the climax of an extraordinary growth path for Easyrain. This is a milestone that will pave the way for Easyrain to achieve major goals: the signing of contracts with car makers, the industrialization of AIS, DAI safety systems, and the systems’ launch on the market. I’m so proud: Heinrich is the best person to drive this thrilling phase”. 

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Schuering said: 

I am honored and excited to take on the role of Chairman at Easyrain. Easyrain’s innovative technology is an enabler to save lives and improve car safety. It is a pleasure to work with Giovanni and his highly motivated team to build a strategy for further growth enabled by the recent capital increase. I am looking forward to be part of this agile and innovative team striving for more safety on the roads”. 

Mr. Schuering has earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Hanover. During his career he has held a wide variety of global management positions in the automotive world, including Executive Vice President ADAS and Autonomous Driving and Executive Vice President and CEO of the Electronics Business Unit in Marelli. He was formerly Vice President Design & Development of the Elster Group and Director of Delphi. 

At the following link, Giovanni Blandina e Heinrich Gerhard Schuering comment on the capital increase –

Alvise Bonivento, Partner at Indaco Venture Partners, said: 

We are delighted to be part of this project that we supported from the early days, because we strongly believe in the potential of Easyrain, one of the most disruptive player in the automotive sector. The appointment of Mr. Schuering is a further milestone in the growth strategy we are implementing, as we believe he is the perfect profile to elevate the project to become an international player”. 

Alberto Calvo, partner at Progress Tech Transfer, commented: 

“We are very pleased of Easyrain joining the Progress Tech Transfer family. We have found in Easyrain a visionary and energetic team aiming at erasing forever a serious risk for every world moving vehicle, and we are happy to support its journey in the coming years”. 

EasyRain wins CLEPA first prize for safety

EasyRain wins first prize for safety


EasyRain awarded in Clepa’s SME category with the special prize in the field of safety

“Special prize in the field of #Safety

CLEPA’s award, and announcement, at #CLEPA #Innovation Awards 2021 make EasyRain proud, as we pursue the goal of saving lives and improve road safety through breakthrough ideas: the first system able to effectively counteract aquaplaning (#AIS), and the first virtual sensor able to secure your driving (#DAI).

The accolade is a major achievement for #EasyRain, as it comes from no less than CLEPA, the #European association of #automotive suppliers. 

It is based in #Brussels and since 1959 has represented more than 3000 #companies that #employ 5 million workers, with investments of over 30 billion Euros in the fields of #safety#innovation and #smartmobility.

CLEPA brings together well over 100 of the world’s most prominent #suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and more than 20 #national trade #associations and European sector associations.

CLEPA’s #vision is realized through: the support of the decision-making process of #international #institutions (EU and UN) by defining the legislative impact for the automotive #business; ensuring a #development of the car market consistent with technological progress, promoting innovation and the development of competitive conditions.

Thanks to its mission, #CLEPA represents a point of reference to which the automotive world can turn its gaze.

This is only the first step, our innovative machine will improve its #growth. Now on to the next #target!

Easyrain and Picasso TOGETHER

Easyrain and Picasso



Rivoli, 18/10/2021

Easyrain an Picasso TOGETHER. Easyrain i.S.p.A and Picasso Automotive Creations SA sign a partnership that will bring the D.A.I. virtual sensor aboard the new PS-01, the full-carbon Swiss supercar.

Historic milestone for Easyrain. The DAI virtual sensor, developed and patented by the innovative company specialized in the development of advanced anti-aquaplaning safety system, has been integrated in PS-01, the new carbon fiber supercar by Picasso Automotive, a Swiss carmaker based in San Vittore (Grisons, Switzerland).

Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain CEO & founder, said:

“A historic agreement for Easyrain! Our DAI – predictive virtual sensor able to secure driving on wet asphalt – will be installed for the first time on a supercar, the new PS-01. I would like to thank Stefano, who shares with me the same passion and the desire for innovation.”

DAI improves automotive safety by alerting the driver on critical wet road conditions. What an incredible beginning for our Technology in a high performance and innovative supercar. The integration into the PS-01 will bring important results for the future launches of our anti-aquaplaning safety systems. It will be a wonderful and challenging journey. Let’s get on board the first car maker! We can’t wait to get started to put the system in action and provide extra safety during the emotional drive with this fantastic high performance car”.


“We are very excited that Easyrain has undertaken the development of this system with us”

commented Stefano Picasso, founder and CEO of Picasso Automotive

“Picasso Automotive wants to be a laboratory for new high-performance technologies, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and optimizing weight to achieve extreme performances by focusing on innovation in engineering and composite materials. Our R&D department is constantly developing and evolving, just like our cars. We take every external input as a new challenge! Being able to test the DAI virtual sensor on our first car is a really amazing opportunity”.

The virtual sensor DAI allows the development of new safety features based on the in-depth analysis of vehicle dynamics parameters. DAI works through proprietary predictive algorithms and does not require additional physical sensors. DAI is ready for future use cases thanks to data sharing through a dedicated Cloud integrated with the 5G network and Smart Cities technology.

The virtual sensor instantly alerts the driver with different levels of “warning” visible inside the vehicle’s HMI, making driving on wet roads safe and optimizing the speed of the cars.

The project of the PS-01 was launched by Stefano Picasso early last year. The first prototype has made its debut on October 4th during the Pirelli PZero experience at Redbull Ring, the Austrian Formula 1 circuit.

Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber and the implementation of sophisticated engineering solutions (all developed in-house), the supercar presents a perfect combination of pure racing and roadworthy style, weighs slightly more than 900 kg and is powered by a twin turbo V6 engine with 600 horsepower, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 0.66 bhp/kg. The downforce generated is up to one ton.

The integration of virtual sensor DAI on board the PS-01 opens new scenarios in the field of high-level automotive technological innovation, allowing further optimization of vehicle performance and safety in aquaplaning conditions.

With the installation on the PS-01, Easyrain accelerates towards market entry.



A further step towards improving the automotive safety proposal: the new virtual sensor DAI allows the development of new safety functionalities based on deeply analyzed vehicle dynamics parameters. The DAI is ready for future applications with the ability to share data through a fully connected 5G network. Easyrain accelerates towards the market entry of its active safety systems. 

Rivoli, 02-08-2021. 

Easyrain’s proposal is enriched by an innovative safety solution with high technological content. From today the DAI, acronym of Digital Aquaplaning Information, is reality. 

Developed and patented by Easyrain, this virtual sensor is constantly analyzing the vehicle dynamics resulting from the existing road conditions and is immediately alerting the driver with different levels of warnings.  

On vehicles that have additionally installed Easyrain AIS system the DAI virtual sensor acts as an ultrafast trigger in case of aquaplaning.  

The virtual sensor DAI works through proprietary predictive algorithms that process vehicle dynamics data already available in the vehicle network without the need of any additional physical sensors.  

As a software defined module it can be integrated on all vehicles, by using an existing control unit leveraging on the platform concept. 

“We are proud to announce the first virtual sensor capable of warning the driver in wet asphalt conditions. Thanks to the DAI we are able to ensure greater safety for the driver and passengers and we are adding new predictive features to the vehicle, unique on the market. An example for that: an “Adaptive – Wet – Cruise Control”, the vehicle speed is managed in real time with the virtual sensor output of the DAI which is able to analyze the amount of water present on the road surface. In addition the DAI is a predictive virtual sensor: one of the functions – among others – is the instantaneous and automatic activation of the Easyrain AIS, the first active safety system able to counter with total effectiveness the aquaplaning phenomenon.   

The DAI can be integrated on all vehicles. Through interaction with the 5G network and the Smart Cities, the DAI could provide detailed information to warn vehicles about dangerous wet road conditions. The creation of a dedicated Cloud for wet road conditions would even extend this offering.  

We are constantly focusing on building a safer future! I would like to thank my team for the dedication during the development. This milestone represents a big step towards market entry”, declared Giovanni Blandina, CEO and Founder of Easyrain.  


DAI: technical details 

The DAI, developed and patented by Easyrain, is a virtual sensor able to make driving safe, discriminating the different levels of danger of wet asphalt and informing the driver through a system of three alerts within the vehicle HMI, customizable according to the needs of car makers. 

The virtual sensor DAI is characterized by proprietary predictive algorithms that process the vehicle dynamics information available in the car (longitudinal force, lateral force, tire slip). As a result, corrections can be either suggested to the driver or implemented directly into the vehicle setup to improve safety of driving in wet conditions. 

As a pure Software Component without the need of additional sensors, it can be integrated into all types of vehicles. 

The DAI allows the development of new vehicle functions, such as Wet Mode Information, deactivation of assisted driving and Wet Adaptive Cruise Control. 

In autonomous vehicles it adds an additional level of information of the environment in critical wet conditions not yet covered with the current sensor portfolio. 

The prevention of aquaplaning together with Easyrain AIS enables a new generation of tires with a lower Rolling Resistance reducing the CO2 footprint and extending the range of electric vehicles. 

It can be integrated with the 5G network and Smart Cities technology, ensuring the warning and sharing of safety information between nearby interconnected vehicles, as well as a dialogue with the infrastructure and prediction of the long-term deterioration of the road surface. 

Integration with the 5G network allows the data collection into the “Easyrain Cloud”, designed and developed for sharing and exchanging information about the asphalt and driving conditions both between vehicles and with the infrastructure network. 

The DAI application is designed as a component that can be managed through an OEM App-Store for connected vehicles. This enables additional safety as an upgrade and makes the introduction hassle-free. 

The three alerts system in the cluster 

The virtual sensor DAI alerts the driver with a three-level system of alerts visible directly inside the dashboard or digital cluster. The display of the warning system can be modulated and customized according to the needs of OEMs. 

  • First level: “Warning! Wet Road”.The driver is in a potentially dangerous situation on wet asphalt. The utmost attention must be paid. 
  • Second level: “Danger! Wet Road”.The water layer on the road surface is important. When combined with the sustained speed of the car, it determines the onset of aquaplaning. The driver is about to lose control of the vehicle. Pay close attention and slow down. 
  • Third level: “Alert! Aquaplaning”.The vehicle entered aquaplaning. Tires have lost grip, unable to dissipate the excessive layer of water on the asphalt. The DAI immediately activates the AIS system.  

“Warning! Wet Road”

proactive warning. You are not in aquaplaning but you are in a situation of potential danger. Pay attention.

“Danger! Wet Road”

important water layer and sustained speed determine the occurrence of aquaplaning. You risk losing controlmaximum attention and slows down!

“Alert! Aquaplaning

your vehicle has entered aquaplaningTires lose the grip. The AIS will be activated to restore adherence and ensure maximum safety and control of the vehicle.

Easyrain – AIS works on a PRODUCTION SERIES CAR

Easyrain AIS - The system works on a PRODUCTION SERIES CAR




A historic achievement for Easyrain and for the improvement of Automotive safety. The new prototype of the AIS developed for a series vehicle, and mounted on an Audi A6, works. The new tests in the Pirelli proving ground demonstrate the validity of the new latest version of the first system against aquaplaning.


Rivoli, 10/02/2021

The AIS works. Thanks to the commitment and research of Easyrain i.S.p.A. – in collaboration with Italdesign and Boschaquaplaning can be solved.

“I’m very proud. The new tests are a historic result: the AIS is ready and mounted on a production vehicle”, said Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain Founder & CEO.

“I thank the work teams, starting from my guys. A fundamental and obligatory milestone for continuing to industrialize the system. A step forward for improving safety in the automotive world. Our system solves a dangerous issue and so far without solutions. Saving lives is our vision, the reason we exist. Knowing that it is possible to do so is a source a deep responsibility but also of great pride, inspiration and joy”, added Giovanni Blandina.

“We are glad of the collaboration with Easyrain and Bosch on this amazing project. It shows once more the power of networking: our respective teams, in Italy and Germany, together have achieved amazing results. The highly innovative contents of this project aim to further improve the safety of our cars for the future” Antonio Casu, Italdesign CTO, said.

“Cooperation was essential to achieve the project’s goal. The Bosch subsidiaries VHIT and Bosch Engineering, in collaboration with Tecnologie Diesel and Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli, are supporting the project development, from the concept phase to the test drive. A very good example of cooperation and collaboration and, in this critical period, was not so easy” added Alessandro Fauda, Engineering Development Manager at Bosch VHIT.

After years of research and hard work, in partnership with Bosch and Italdesign, Easyrain has developed and patented the first system capable of effectively countering aquaplaning. A dangerous phenomenon, the cause of tens of thousands of accidents with thousands of injuries and victims. Every year, all over the world.

A problem that the modern safety systems available on vehicles (ABS, ESP, TCS) are unable to solve.

The Easyrain AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), thanks to a controlled water jet injected ahead of the front wheels, is able to restore the grip of the tire and the control of the vehicle, breaking the excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires cannot dissipate.

The AIS, characterized by a hydraulic system consisting of a pump and two foldable injectors, is activated thanks to the Easyrain DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), the proprietary activation software. The virtual sensor recognizes the onset of aquaplaning, instantly informing the system.

The AIS does not require additional sensors or tanks besides those already available on the vehicle.

AIS avoids accidents, saving lives.

Eugenio Razelli new EasyRain board member

A prestigious stage in the growth path of the company that consolidates its maturity, increasing its status. The reputation and the deep experience of Ing. Razelli represent an important contribution to the strategic development of Easyrain
Rivoli, 29/09/2020.
Easyrain i.S.p.A, SME specialized in the development of safety systems for cars, creator of the innovative anti aquaplaning AIS device, is proud to announce the entry of Ing. Eugenio Razelli in the Board of Directors.
Eugenio Razelli, born in 1950, is an authoritative exponent of the Automotive sector and a leading figure in the Italian industrial scene.
During his career he has held senior positions in various Groups.
He worked in Fiat Auto and Zanussi, becoming CEO of Gilardini Industriale in 1983.
After an experience in Pirelli as President & CEO of Pirelli Cable North America and later Senior Executive Vice President first of the Telecom division and then of the Energy division, from 2001 to 2003 he was President & CEO of Fiamm.
Since 2003 he has been Senior Vice President of the Business Development Unit of Fiat S.p.A.
From 2005 to 2015 he held the position of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Magneti Marelli.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Safilo, Industrial Advisor of Fondo Strategico Italiano and Vice President of Texa.
Easyrain AIS aquaplaning solution Eugenio Razelli nel CDA

It is an honor to be able to welcome Eugenio Razelli to Easyrain. It is news that fills us with pride and responsibility for the challenges that await us. His entry into the company consolidates our maturity, representing a fundamental stage for our growth.

Giovanni Blandina, recently appointed CEO of Easyrain Tweet

Innovation has always been the basis of the automotive industry. Connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving, digitalization, sharing have helped to accelerate the gradient. Easyrain proposes itself with an interesting solution in the field of preventive safety in general and in improving performance in the sports field: a huge market opportunity.

Eugenio Razelli, new member of the Easyrain Board of Directors Tweet