Easyrain-GALT. to enhance driving safety

New partnership to maximize performance under braking and in wet conditions

The famous racing driver Tazio Nuvolari, Formula 1 legend from the ‘30s, once said: “What do I need brakes for? I do not know: I have not used them much!”. Nuvolari was making a joke with the reporters, but today the answer to that question is not so obvious.

“What do we need brakes for?”

Brakes are needed to slow down and fully stop a vehicle, this is clear. But it is not just that: soon, brakes will be able to communicate with the vehicle and offer smart functionalities, with the aim of sending information to the car and to the driver, ultimately improving safety.

This is where the partnership between two innovative start-ups in the field of road safety comes to play. Easyrain, the auto-tech company focusing on road safety for human-driven and autonomous vehicles, offering a complete product ecosystem of safety solutions to enhance vehicle safety in low grip condition.; and GALT., an ITT start-up, that has developed the first sensorized brake pad.

Easyrain aims to enhance the performance of the EDP platform (Easyrain Digital Platform), which features patented virtual sensors including the DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), that detects various level of water layers on the road. Combining the EDP with GALT.’s technology and sensorized brake pads, Easyrain and GALT. have the ambition to expand the areas of intervention of vehicle’s safety systems and improve their performance.

The initial result of this collaboration is the development of the first Easyrain-GALT. integrated system, which will be installed on the Picasso LMS 660. The Swiss car, currently under development, will be the first supercar in the world with safety features on wet asphalt and equipped with sensorized pads. The combination of technologies will allow the Picasso LMS 660 to maximize performance under braking and in wet conditions.

The first GALT. product, among those currently in development, is a high-performance brake pad with an embedded temperature sensor. The resulting measurements, carried out so close to the brake disk, will help the driver to better manage the temperatures of the braking system, to achieve the best possible performance.

Within the partnership, Easyrain will provide its cloud platform ERC (Easyrain Cloud), to make the vehicle connected: through data collection, including those collected by EDP and GALT. Smart Pad, car safety systems will be constantly improved, as well as loaded online remotely.

I am glad to announce the partnership between Easyrain and GALT., companies sharing the same future-oriented vision. As we are guided by innovation, this partnership adds values to both growth path. I’m sure that together we will travel unexplored roads to improve vehicle safety and performance.

Giovanni Blandina, CEO and founder of Easyrain

Our goal is to further improve vehicle safety whilst enhancing driving pleasure and its maintenance, kick-starting the brake digital revolution from the pad. The combination of GALT. and Easyrain competences marks a first step towards the digitalization of the corner. We will continue to amaze car makers and drivers with the release of new functionalities that will make the shift to a crash-less mobility faster.

Giorgio Dodero, General Manager at GALT.