Major step heading to industrialization!

AIS Proto-B to hit the market in mid-2026 boasting new components to reduce weight, size, and cost

After conducting rigorous testing and receiving positive feedback from OEMs, Easyrain is taking a major step towards industrialization!

We’re entering this stage with our next-generation AIS anti-aquaplaning system, AIS Proto-B, hitting the market in mid-2026 thanks to the hard work of our team and key partners.
AIS Proto-B boasts new components that have been carefully designed to reduce weight, size, and cost, while ensuring full compliance with automotive standards. We’re confident that this system will set a new standard for anti-aquaplaning technology.
To get a sneak peek of AIS Proto-B in action, check out this video featuring Emanuele Pirro, Easyrain’s Product and Business Developer. We can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of AIS Proto-B firsthand!

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