Emanuele Pirro joins Easyrain!

Emanuele Pirro, 5-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and former brand Ambassador of Audi and Lamborghini, joins Easyrain team

With over 40 years of career, 500 races and countless race wins, including five victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Emanuele Pirro is one of the most successful Italian drivers ever.

A true legend now joining Easyrain team, the innovative start-up founded in 2013 by Giovanni Blandina with the mission of reducing the number of road fatalities and playing a leading role in the EU target for 2050 of zero road casualties: Emanuele provides his experience and expertise by taking on the role of Product and Business Developer, responsible for helping the growth of Easyrain from a technical point of view and new business opportunities.

“I met Giovanni Blandina and Easyrain in 2019 and I immediately believed in the idea and in the project.

We’ve stayed in touch and today the conditions have finally matured to start an effective collaboration.

Aquaplaning is a subtle and underestimated threat to the motorists. Easyrain can greatly contribute to increase road safety and I am proud to be part of it”

Emanuele Pirro, Product and Business developer of Easyrain

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome Emanuele to the team. His experience and expertise represent an extraordinary growth opportunity for Easyrain as it is accelerating towards the industrialization of AIS, EDP and ERC systems.

Not only Emanuele is a phenomenal race driver, but he is also an exceptional source of inspiration and an extraordinary expert in the engineering and automotive industries, able to support the team in the development of our technologies.

In view of our current development stage, it is now time to rush towards industrialization and certainly there is no better person to help us. This is the reason why we are moving from the “all-in” phase of Easyrain into the “time2run” phase

Giovanni Blandina, founder and CEO of Easyrain

Emanuele enhances the Easyrain technical area, led by CTO Mauro Pierallini, developing the Easyrain three-area ecosystem for road safety:

– The first area is dedicated to hardware. The AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) is the first active system able to counter aquaplaning: it is a ground-breaking active safety device with patented technology capable of restoring the grip and immediately bringing the vehicle back into full control, thanks to a powerful jet of water injected in front of the car’s front wheels. The second generation of AIS, lighter, compact, and offering a better performance, was developed by Easyrain along with Bosch and Italdesign and debuts in July on a production vehicle; moreover, the AIS will be installed for the first time into an SUV, a vehicle built together with a car manufacturer for production purposes;

– The second area is dedicated to software. The EDP platform (Easyrain Digital Platform) hosts the innovative virtual sensors based on standard vehicle’s network data combined to Easyrain proprietary patented algorithm. The first sensor is the DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information): it recognizes dangerous wet road situation and aquaplaning conditions. DAI delivers warning levels to the vehicle; carmakers can use warning levels to introduce new vehicle safety functionalities, including automatic adjustment for adaptive cruise control in the event of dangerous wet road or aquaplaning conditions;

– The third area is dedicated to the cloud. ERC (Easyrain Cloud) expands and enhances the capabilities of AIS hardware system and EDP software, provides extended analyzes and new services for car manufacturers and road safety

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