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Digital Platform for Vehicle Dynamics

Easyrain Digital Platform is a platform hosting virtual sensors to recognize road hazards like:

Water – Snow & Ice – Pothole – Gravel

The virtual sensors analyze existing in-Vehicle information and provide alerts to the vehicle, enabling OEMs to introduce new vehicle safety features.

Virtual sensors detecting grip on various surfaces


Recognizes various levels of water on road surfaces.


Detection of snow and ice, differentiated from aquaplaning conditions.


Recognizes potholes as well as low-quality roads to provide driver-behavior recommendations.


Identifies low-grip conditions upon gravel.

DAI virtual sensor for Wet Road detection

Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI) is the first virtual sensor developed within the EDP platform: it detects dangerous wet road conditions and aquaplaning.

The virtual sensor evaluates wet road conditions, works with any tire and can be easily integrated in the vehicle without the need of additional physical sensors.

DAI delivers Level 1, 2, and 3 alert outputs to the vehicle. It is fully configurable with OEMs, activating new vehicle safety features like automatic adjustment of adaptive cruise control speed and distance according to the alert level.

DAI virtual sensor

Main Features and Benefits


DAI offers rapid activation time without driver intervention. From dry and wet conditions to aquaplaning detection and validation, taking an average time of 80 ms.

DAI outputs will allow OEMs to develop next-generation ADAS+ systems.


DAI adjusts to work with any tire without specific calibration, regardless of pressure, wear, and profile. DAI adapts in real time to any vehicle load condition. It is based on the vehicle characteristics and data, like mass, speed, and steering angle.


The information collected by DAI can be provided through wireless networks to Smart Cities, other vehicles or any other service provides within the network.


When aquaplaning conditions have been detected,
DAI triggers the AIS anti-aquaplaning system to restore grip and control of the vehicle. DAI output can be used by car manufacturers for new active safety systems.

Possible further Safety measures by vehicle manufacturers


Automatic adjustment of ACC speed

and safety distance according to warning levels. 

Engine cut-off

Automatic vehicle engine torque reduction

for rapid deceleration in case of upcoming hazards.

Safety Belt

Automatic activation of safety belt pre-tensioner

in case of dangerous wet conditions.

No Overtaking

Warning when using indicator lights

in case of dangerous wet conditions to prevent lane change.

Brake Lights

Activate emergency brake lights

to slow down following vehicles.

Seat Vibration

Activate seat or steering wheel vibration

in case of aquaplaning.

DAI alerts in a Vehicle


DAI Level 1:
– Changing ambient lights
– Turning the stereo volume down
– Turning brake lights on


DAI Level 2:
Tightening seat belts
– Providing steering assistance for correct steering movements
– Change torque distribution


DAI Level 3:
AIS activation
– ACC regulation
– Engine cut-off

Digital Platform for Vehicle Dynamics