EasyRain wins CLEPA first prize for safety

EasyRain wins first prize for safety


EasyRain awarded in Clepa’s SME category with the special prize in the field of safety

“Special prize in the field of #Safety

CLEPA’s award, and announcement, at #CLEPA #Innovation Awards 2021 make EasyRain proud, as we pursue the goal of saving lives and improve road safety through breakthrough ideas: the first system able to effectively counteract aquaplaning (#AIS), and the first virtual sensor able to secure your driving (#DAI).

The accolade is a major achievement for #EasyRain, as it comes from no less than CLEPA, the #European association of #automotive suppliers. 

It is based in #Brussels and since 1959 has represented more than 3000 #companies that #employ 5 million workers, with investments of over 30 billion Euros in the fields of #safety#innovation and #smartmobility.

CLEPA brings together well over 100 of the world’s most prominent #suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and more than 20 #national trade #associations and European sector associations.

CLEPA’s #vision is realized through: the support of the decision-making process of #international #institutions (EU and UN) by defining the legislative impact for the automotive #business; ensuring a #development of the car market consistent with technological progress, promoting innovation and the development of competitive conditions.

Thanks to its mission, #CLEPA represents a point of reference to which the automotive world can turn its gaze.

This is only the first step, our innovative machine will improve its #growth. Now on to the next #target!

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