Easyrain technologies in Italdesign autonomous vehicle

The safety of tomorrow passes through the solutions Easyrain is developing today

Easyrain in Italdesign Climb-E

Easyrain technologies are ready for today’s cars, but they are already on-board tomorrow’s vehicles.

AIS, DAI and ERC are integrated on Italdesign Climb-E, an autonomous vehicle that previews future mobility presented at 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The safety of tomorrow passes through the solutions Easyrain is developing today. 

Climb-E embraces evolution in the concept of local sustainable urban mobility into continuous sustainable urban mobility. Along with its intended privately owned use, Climb-E can bring services to consumers through its ability to integrate into next-gen and future civil and residential structures.

Climb-E offers the complete Easyrain platform for road safety i low grip conditions, including:

  • Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI for short) detection software, capable of estimating the tires loss of contact with the road surface, not only in the event of aquaplaning but also in other critical situations
  • Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS for short), the first safety system in the world that does not act on the car but modifies the asphalt conditions before the wheel travels over it

  • Easyrain Cloud (ERC for short), designed to extend DAI functionalities and to make the most of data sharing: the information collected by the DAI can be used internally, to refine the detection algorithm, or shared with various players to allow services such as predictive maintenance of road network, replacement of worn car components and the creation of databases for road safety
Easyrain and Italdesing Climb-E

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