Easyrain to integrate DAI in the Wipro Cloud Car platform

Easyrain DAI virtual sensor

The collaboration enables the integration of the anti-aquaplaning sensor in just one month

Easyrain DAI virtual sensor

Road safety is a major concern for the automotive industry as every year the lives of approximately 1.19 million people are cut short due to road traffic crashes. Between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability.

Within this context, low-grip conditions emerge as significant contributors to mortality – particularly in wet road scenarios, accounting for around 8-10% of fatalities. The automotive industry requires swift and effective solutions to align with European standards, aiming for zero road fatalities by 2050.

In response, Easyrain announces a collaboration with Wipro to accelerate the time-to-market for the revolutionary Digital Advanced Information (DAI) software platform featuring our anti-aquaplaning virtual sensor.

This sensor is crucial for calibrating ADAS and autonomous driving systems in low-grip situations and introducing innovative features to optimize fuel/energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Wipro Engineering Edge has developed the Cloud Car platform, which combines traditional solutions with innovative platforms and expertise in software-defined vehicles (SDVs), enabling the auto industry to reimagine how safety and entertainment features are developed, deployed, and maintained.

Easyrain combines safety solutions with the Wipro Cloud Car platform, with the ability to deliver a new feature daily.
As one of the most advanced software for road detection, the anti-aquaplaning DAI software can estimate the tire’s loss of contact with the road surface, not only in the event of aquaplaning but also in other critical situations, such as puddles involving one side of the car – dangerous as they might cause a strong yaw or provoke an inappropriate reaction by the driver.
The DAI provides several warning levels and is poised to become the ultimate solution to the challenges of driving assistance systems and driverless cars.

Ushering in a new level of safety for driving assistance technologies, DAI significantly elevates the capabilities of systems such as adaptive cruise control: successfully tested in two POCs vehicles and soon to be implemented in a third POC vehicle, the DAI can modulate the vehicle speed on wet surfaces not only based on the distance from the car in front, but on the level of water on the asphalt.

The initial stage of this collaboration involves integrating Easyrain’s anti-aquaplaning sensor into the Wipro Cloud Car platform, allowing for a time-to-integrate of just 1 month.

Looking ahead, Easyrain and Wipro Engineering Edge will integrate the complete DAI platform into the Wipro Cloud Car platform. DAI transitions from a virtual sensor detecting dangers on wet roads to a comprehensive platform addressing challenges in snow, ice, gravel, potholes, and various vehicle dynamics-related issues.

In addition to the detection of hazardous situations on low-grip surfaces, the DAI platform introduces features for optimizing CO2 emissions and curbing fuel/energy consumption. This is achieved through the detection of vehicle wheels misalignments, identifying factors that might elevate rolling resistance: in the case of wrong camber and toe angles, the vehicle can experience increased rolling resistance, leading to higher consumption and emissions. DAI recognizes these situations and notifies the vehicle.

As an added measure, the DAI alerts against tire pressure loss, provides an iTPMS feature and prevents potential wheel detachment – a critical safety concern often overlooked. In wheel fastening nut loosening instances, DAI detects micro-vibrations, signaling the vehicle to avert accidents.

To harness the full potential of DAI data, Easyrain provides a cloud platform tailored for innovative solutions. These solutions streamline road maintenance for optimal operations, enhance fleet management efficiency for rental companies, and contribute to a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Ultimately, the DAI activates the world’s first system capable of eliminating the phenomenon of aquaplaning – the Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), industrialized with Marelli. Through small injectors hidden in the bumper, AIS sprays a controlled jet of water in front of the front wheels to remove excess water from the road, thus reestablishing traction. This happens only when the DAI software detects hazardous situations, optimizes water consumption, and adapts the system’s response to road conditions.

With Wipro Engineering Edge as our collaborative partner, we are not just witnessing the evolution of the automotive landscape – we are actively shaping it,” says Giovanni Blandina, CEO at Easyrain. “The cloud-based future is not a distant vision; it’s a reality we are actively participating in. We are thrilled about the promising developments that lie ahead and mark the future of the automotive industry as we embark on this journey with Wipro”.

This partnership is a perfect example that showcases the true purpose and value of the Wipro Cloud Car platform: accelerating development cycles and making vehicles better every day. The seamless integration of innovative products, coupled with the Wipro Cloud Car platform to manage OTA (Over-the-Air) updates, shows the efficiency of an ever-evolving Software-Defined Vehicle, propelling us into the future with unparalleled speed and innovation” says Yves-Antoine Brun, Vice President, Head -Europe, Wipro Engineering Edge.